Rules and Regulations

College Office Hours: 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Medium of Instruction: English

  1. Student must abide by the rules and regulations framed by the College from time to time. Any violation of the rules or any act of indiscipline on the part of the students shall be viewed strictly and he / she may be rusticates form the college
  2. Once admitted, a student is required to be regular in attending classes, and in submission of assignment / term work in each subject. Lesser than 75% attendance will lead to the cancellation of his /her admission and the student shall not be allowed to appear in University examination. 75% attendance in each subject separately is compulsory.
  3. Smoking and use of drugs and tobacco, gutkha and chewing gums are strictly prohibited in the College premises.
  4. Use mobile phone in the classroom and college premises is punishable.
  5. Ragging of student in any form within or outside the College premises shall be viewed very seriously and might result in instant expulsion from the College.
  6. Every student shall carry his/ her College Identity Card daily in the college campus and must be hanged around the neck.
  7. Damage to the property of the College like tampering with fixtures, fittings, equipments, instruments, furniture, books, periodicals, walls, window panes, vehicles, etc. shall be viewed very seriously and might result in instant expulsion from the College.
  8. The students are expected to read notices put up on the Notice Board of the College regularly and to follow accordingly. The College shall not accept any responsibility for any loss to any student due to his/her failure to read the notice in time. Ignorance of law cannot be an excuse.
  9. The student shall themselves be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings in the College.
  10. Bicycles, Scooters, Motor-cycles and Cars etc. shall be parked only at the place provided for the purpose, at the owner's risk.
  11. The principal reserves the right to cancel the admission of the student form the rools for non-payment of college fees.
  12. In case of illness, the student is required to inform the principal in writing along with Medical Certificate.
  13. The students must maintain disciplines in the Class rooms and the college premises and must follow the instructions given by the Lectures.
  14. The principal’s decision whether to give admission or not is final. If a student shows in-disciplinary behavior in the examinations, his/her admission will be cancelled.
  15. For the refund of deposit / caution money the student must apply on prescribed form available from the office within three months after completion of sixth semester examination.
  16. Government scholarships are available for the eligible students applying for the same as per rules.
  17. As per university norms, once Regular student get enrolled as an external student, he /she cannot be enrolled again as Regular student.
  18. Student will have to submit their parents undertakings before participating in Sports events.
  19. Student other than Gujarat board has to Submit PEC.