Sports Activities in College

The College organizes Sports Activities in a formal way. The students have quality sports facilities in the College with a Sports Hall , cricket ground, Volleyball ground, Basketball ground, Badminton court, Table-tennis Court ,etc.,

Sports activities and events are organised by the College Sports Authority. During the year organizes an Inter college Sports Events like Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton, Tug of war, Cricket, Volley ball, Kabaddi and Athletics. The players who performed good in the Inter-class tournament will be selected for the inter college Tournament. Our college students participate in Inter collegiate sport competitions and won medals & Trophies.

Every year our college students participate in different college and university level sports events:-

  • All India Inter University Volleyball Tournament(Boys & Girls)
  • All India Inter University Chess Tournament(Boys & Girls)
  • All India Inter University Wrestling Tournament(Boys & Girls)
  • All India Inter University Judo Tournament(Boys & Girls)
  • Inter University Handball Tournament(Boys & Girls)
  • Inter college Chess Tournament (Boys & Girls)
  • Inter college Volleyball Tournament(Boys & Girls)
  • Inter college Handball Tournament(Boys & Girls)
  • Khel Mahakumbh